Jennie Hunter is a writer of short stories, fiction, and essays. She lives and writes in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Her work has previously been broadcast on CBC Radio and has appeared in over half a dozen literary magazines. Jennie also works in the field of environmental engineering, which she often incorporates into her writing along with the subject of women working in non-traditional roles. Jennie enjoys coffee, reading, and contemplating humanity and modern life (which is often expressed in her science fiction). 

Read some of her work free online. Just follow the links below.


The Map, Every Day Fiction

A Nice Pair of Stilettos, Understorey Magazine

My Old Man Didn’t Sing, The Scores

There, Here, and Beyond, Daily Science Fiction

A Simple Count, Anti-Lang

The Laida Incident, Ripples in Space

Undress, Broken Pencil Magazine

More Coming Soon…

Other Publications (pay wall)

Just Words, Volume 3

antilang. no. 4-6 (PRINT)

Blank Spaces, June 2109, Volume 3, Issue 4

Prairie Fire, Spring 2019, Vol 40.1

Awards and recognition

Jacob Zilber Prize for Short Fiction 2023, Shortlist, Everly’s Declarations of Love